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FIT HUB is a gym with a very millennial concept, starting from a variety of class programs packaged with a fun fitness concept, making you addicted to keep coming to exercise, apart from that, the price is really affordable for us, but the facilities are so comfortable!

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Didn't expect there to be a premium quality gym like this, but it's really affordable. Especially during the pandemic, every few hours it is sterilized so you feel very comfortable and safe exercising here.

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The equipment is premium and complete too, so there are lots of sports choices. The location is also strategic and available in various cities, so you can go to the gym anywhere.

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I really feel comfortable going to the gym at FIT HUB. The equipment is high class like in megagyms but the prices are affordable, the place is also clean and tidy. There are also many variations in the classes and they are really fun, so you will be more enthusiastic about going to the gym.

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The most comfortable gym, all sports classes are there, the gym equipment is also complete. The most important thing is that the place is clean. Premium gym at an affordable price that is worth it only at FIT HUB.

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Going to the gym at FIT HUB is really comfortable, especially in Sunter. The staff are also friendly and the facilities are okay.

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