We are respecting your right to privacy. This privacy policy explains the general description of the information that we can earn from you and how we are going to use that information. Please read this Privacy Policy carefully.

1. About Us

We are PT JAYA DIGITAL PROPERTI or FIT HUB, a limited liability company with a fitness center business that is domiciled in Indonesia and located in Menara Sudirman, Jl. Jenderal Sudirman Kav 60, Senayan, Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta, who will collect and use your data which will be explained later in this Privacy Policy.

2. Types of Information

A. We collect and process your personal information, the kind of personal data that we will request are::

  1. Name, identity number such as Citizenship Card (KTP), temporary residence permit (KITAS), permanent residence permit (KITAP), passport, and any other information regarding personal identity;
  2. Your contact and your account or your registration that includes email, phone number, home address, work address;
  3. Information regarding membership, packages, class, or any other service that you have registered to us. We will collect information from you such as personal contact number, emergency contact, the starting date of the membership, and your request for membership leave or termination of the membership;
  4. Information regarding your payment, including your bank account number, your credit card number, or your account on financial service application
  5. Information regarding your health, such as PAR-Q, doctor’s statement, your medical records, and any other information regarding your health conditions;
  6. Your communications with us, whether through our Customer Service, our application, social media accounts or any other messaging accounts in social media such as Instagram, Whatsapp, Twitter, TikTok and/or any other social media accounts provided from us; and
  7. Your usage from website, application, or social media accounts provided by us, we can collect information such as IP Address, browser type, operation system, referral web, web search behavior, hardware ID, and application usage.

Furthermore, we also collect, preserve and use sensitive information from you, which are:

  • Certain information such as requested service, requesting upon certain information or any other request, such as services we provided with use and share of sensitive information to purposes that are stated from our Privacy Policy;
  • Other sensitive information such as your workplace, your company profile, and data, activities that specifically contain specific and confidential information. By providing information that is sensitive and confidential, you understood and agreed that we can request, collect, preserve and use that information, including sharing information to third parties that related to us to help us provide services to you, as being told in this Privacy Policy. If you choose to withdraw your consent, we may not provide the service you have requested.

Kebijakan Privasi ini. Jika Anda memilih untuk menarik persetujuan Anda, kami dapat saja tidak menyediakan layanan yang Anda sudah ajukan.

3. Collecting Information

  • We can collect your information regarding personal data through various ways, for example when you register, using our website, using our application, registering for a class or personal trainer, communicating to us through Customer Service or through our social media accounts that we have provided or other ways indirectly;
  • We also obtain your personal information from parties that are affiliated with us, our partners that worked with us, other third parties that had an agreement with us;

4. The Use of Information

By visiting and/or using platforms from us such as website, application or accounts provided from us, you have agreed that your personal information can be collected, preserved, used, and shared by us or other institutions that have rights to request information, with purposes such as:

To fulfill legal interest and compliance to law and regulations that are enforced in Indonesia; To provide services to you before registration, during registration, and when terminating our services, whether it is temporarily or permanently; To announce and inform you in terms of services, promo, offerings, and any other activities from us; To enhance our promotional activities that are solely for FIT HUB or third parties that work with FIT HUB; To preserve your data in a certain amount of time by complying with law and regulation; To facilitate in programs provided by us;

5. Your Rights

You have rights for your personal information, with the following settlements:

You can request access and have the right to give updates and changes on your personal information for our loyalty programs; As an addition, you can discontinue the process of your personal information, requesting to us to discontinue the process from your personal information or requesting for transfer from your personal information, by sending an email to [email protected]; When we have collected and processed your personal information based on your consent, you can withdraw your consent at all times from us. Withdrawing consent will not affect the validity of all processes that we have done before you withdraw your consent, or affect the process from your personal information to other matters with your consent. If you withdraw your consent, you need to understand that there are consequences to the services you have obtained from us; You have the right to request for termination of your account and your personal information, through the account deletion feature provided by us. By doing deletion on your account, you have agreed to delete the account permanently, including login access, services in your account and transactions from us. You are allowed to use other rights that are regulated in rights for personal data and other regulations that apply, by sending an email to us through [email protected] with the email subject “Request for Data Protection”.

6. Legal Basis to Use Your Information

In taking, collecting, using, and preserving information from you, we base our actions on the binding law, depending on the type of information that will be used and in what purpose that information will be in use by us, but we will collect your personal information only when you give consent to us when we need that personal information to agree with you or there is a process that includes to our interest as the authorized party, without reducing your rights to personal information that you possessed.

If you ask for personal information as a form of compliance with the law or to make an agreement with you, we will explain and advise to you on whether it is required or not to give your personal information, with acknowledging the consequences that happen if the personal information is not given.

7. Disclosure of Information

We can disclose your personal information to our third party for the following purposes:

To facilitate your services or requests with us; To fulfill your requests, with the acknowledgment that we disclose your information to our employees, our lawyers or legal consultants, our IT facility providers, or social networks, and also bank alongside third parties that work with us. All those parties will protect your personal information and only process it by our instructions; To support our loyalty programs; To comply with the binding law; To enhance support to our services and promotions;

8. Use of Data and Security Protections

We protect the personal information that we have collected from you only for business interests that can only be done by us and when needed (for example, to provide services that have been requested by you or to fulfill legal or tax provisions) or as long as needed for purposes that are stated in this Privacy Policy, and we also protect your personal information from loss or any unlawful acts by providing technical and organizational protection.

9. Language

This Privacy Policy is made in Bahasa Indonesia and if there are any translations to this Privacy Policy, it will refer to this version. Any changes to this Privacy Policy will be done by referring to the Privacy Policy in Bahasa Indonesia.

10. Changes to the Privacy Policy

We can give changes to this Privacy Policy from time to time, to comply with laws and regulations or any changes to our business’s terms and conditions. When we change this Privacy Policy, we will give notice to you. Any changes or updates will be announced through the website, by accessing our website, your access and usage will be subject to these terms.

11. Our Contact

Any questions, comments, or responses to this Privacy Policy, please contact us through:

[email protected]

With the email subject “Privacy Policy”.

By accepting this Privacy Policy, you understood that you have read this Privacy Policy and our Terms and Conditions as well, and also has understood the contents and the consequences, and you have agreed and given your consent to us for collecting, using, disclosing, and processing your personal information according to the purpose and terms from Privacy Policy and/or Terms and Conditions from us. Furthermore, you have admitted that the personal information you have given or provided is in your possession to be shared and all the information is right and accurate.